Suitable for VW 8v Cylinder heads such as  CitiGolf MP9 / Polo MP9 / Golf 3 MP9 / Golf 4 Xflow ( 7mm Valve Stems )

Uprated Valve Springs and Retainers ( REV Kit )are a must if you are considering a Camshaft with High Lift and intend to run at Higher Rpm.

The STK Single Valve Spring set will eliminate coil bind and valve float when installed correctly and is made from High Quality Materials , rated at 7500rpm and suitable up to 11,9mm of CamLift.

This Single Spring Rev Kit is suited to Hydraulic application for uses with anything from a Standard Camshaft , STK 272 , STK 276 , STK 288 , STK 298 Performance Chilled Cast Camshaft.

We have utilized the STK Rev Kit ( Single Valve Spring Kit ) with Solid Lifter Conversions with an STK 300 degree Performance Camshaft on the race track with great success and reliability.

Can be used as Standard Replacement part too !

The STK Single Spring Kit  is Complimented with a Strong , Lightweight Valve Spring Retainer which is made from Chromoly 4140 ( Suitable for 3 groove cotters for 7mm valve train ie. 7mm Valve Stem ).

Installation of the STK REV KIT ( Single Valve Spring )
1. The Spring Heights and Spring Travel need to be Measured & Adjusted accurately to avoid coil bind ,breakage or damage to the camshaft lobes.
2. Allow an Automotive Engineering Specialist or a Master Mechanic to install these springs correctly , if you get it wrong it's gonna hurt your pocket !

Modification of the Cylinder Head maybe necessary in order to ensure reliability when fitting the Single Spring Set , so ensure that a Master Mechanic fits these products to avoid damage to the camshafts, valve train and engine.


REV KiT - Single Valve Spring Set ( VW )

For the everyday driver who wants a bit more out of the engine with a High Lift Camshaft and rev's beyond the standard rev limiter.
The Single Valve Spring Set is Suitable for use up to 7500rpm & can be used as direct replacement parts.
The Single Valve Spring Set is Complimented with a Strong , Lightweight Valve Spring Retainer made from Chromoly 4140 for 7mm valves.


What Valve Spring is right for your application ?

Keep in mind that Motorsport Companies do not use standard valve springs in their “state of the art“ Cylinder Heads, have you ever wondered WHY?
The standard valve spring is designed for a production vehicle which is generally well looked after at a moderate rpm.
Whereas a competition engine is designed to run at maximum rpm whether it be 8 000rpm or 10 000rpm and not to chug around the streets, they need reliability and components that can handle the pounding from the high lift, high duration Camshafts they use.

With this in mind a Cylinder Head or Engine will be destroyed due to incorrect installation or incorrect valve spring applications due to valve float and coil bind.
So, when you decide to build a trick head ensure you do your homework thoroughly and get expert advice.


STK REV Kits ( Valve Spring Kits ) are suitable for most Volkswagen 8V cylinder heads using 7mm valve train.

Suitable as a replacement for VW 8v Cylinder Heads with 7mm valve train.

Suitable as an upgrade for CitiGolf MP9 / Polo MP9 / Golf 3 MP9 / Golf 4 Xflow ( 7mm Valve Stems )

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