Camshaft Break-In Procedures

ALWAYS follow Camshaft Break-In Procedures!

STK Performance Valve Train Products (VTP’s) are manufactured from the finest Quality Materials available and have been Developed & Tested under severe Motorsport conditions.


To ensure that your STK Performance VTP performs to its optimum ensure that the following “Break-In” Procedures are strictly adhered to:

STK Camshafts & STK Heavy Duty Cam-followers ( VW ).

New cam-followers must be fitted with a new STK Camshaft (preferably STK Heavy Duty type #STK3).

Coat Camshaft & Cam followers with Cam Lube during fitment.

Do not run on idle during the first 20 minutes of operation.

Run at 2500 – 3000RPM . Do not run at high Rpm during this break-in period.

If any changes need to be made during this period switch off engine (Do Not Idle).

This break-in period will reduce the risk of Camshaft failure and prolong the life of your Camshaft.


STK Performance Hi-Rev Valve Springs

Ensure correct Spring Pressures, Spring Travel, Spring Height & Clearances.

On Initial Start-up limit between 1500 & 2000RPM until operating temperatures are achieved.

Shut-off engine and allow to cool to room temperature.

This break-in period will reduce the risk of Valve Spring failure and prolong the life of your Valve Springs.