Cylinder Head Kit VW MP9 276H

Cylinder Head Kit VW MP9 276H

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Cylinder Head Kit STK VW MP9

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Cylinder Head Kit VW MP9 8v 276H

Assembled Kit 1600/1800/2000cc

Kit Includes:

MP9 8v Gasflowed Cylinder Head , STK 276°H Performance Camshaft , 8 x Camfollowers

4 x Inlet Valves (39,5 x 7 x 92.1mm) – Swirl Polished , 4 x Exhaust Valves (32,8 x 7 x 91.2mm) – Swirl Polished

8 x Valve Stem Seals , 8 x Single Valve Springs , 8 x Retainers ,16 x Cotters

Tapered Step Guides , Angled Seats

Cylinder Head Kit MP9



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