Petrol & Diesel - Terms & Conditions

1.     The STK Warranty is limited to 30 Days for reconditioned units & a 10 day start-up Warranty is

offered for all second hand/used units which are sold as is. (Unless otherwise stipulated in Writing)

The Warranty offered excludes all and any peripheral parts , such as all external electrical , electronic sensors ,wiring , Alternators , Manifolds , Turbo Chargers etc , The Warranty covers only the internal Mechanical condition of a second hand unit.

2.     A warranty claim is only considered by STK if the unit in question is returned with the Original

STK Invoice.

3.     STK will replace and/or rectify at their discretion for the duration of the warranty.

4.     STK is not liable for any unauthorized repairs or expenses incurred.

5.     STK is not liable for any consequential loss or damage.

6.     STK is not liable for any labor, towing, freight costs or additional parts required.

7.     Please note that the warranty covers the parts supplied only!

8.     If heat tab is tampered with in any form or way the warranty is null & void.

9.     This warranty is non-transferrable.

             The Warranty excludes any Damage caused by or as a result of :

1.     Overheating in any form.

2.     Leaking or incorrect injectors & incorrect pump pressures

3.     Transportation and courier costs.

4.     Normal wear & tear.

5.     Lack of Oil Pressure.

6.     Peripherals such as manifolds , sumps etc not being cleaned out adequately and particles filtering

 through engine

7.     Incorrect Timing/Tuning.

8.     Improper maintenance as set out by the Motor Manufacturer

9.     Untrained / Unqualified / Uncertified personnel.

10.  Misuse or abuse / over revving

11.  Modification in any form including Performance Enhancement Tuning.

12.  Should the unit have been opened or tampered with any form.

13.  Oil Pump Failure on second hand units

14.  Oil leaks , Water Leaks

15.  Blown head gasket due to poor cooling system conditions

It is the Purchaser’s responsibility together with their Mechanical Expert to ensure that all loose parts are cleaned and checked before assembly and rectified prior to  installation of a Replacement Cylinder Head !

It is therefore essential that the following areas are inspected , tested , repaired and replaced by a reputable professional to avoid further failures and cancellation of this Warranty :

1.     Injectors – Leaking , distorted tips , incorrect pressures

2.     Injector pump pressures and settings

3.     Use of correct injector seal kits

4.     Injector pipes – blockages

5.     Water pump operation

6.     Thermostat operation

7.     Radiator blockages & leakages

8.     Radiator cap & Fan

9.     Water pipes – leaking

10.  Air Filter & intake system

11.  Straightness of engine block deck / bore damage / crack in bore

12.  New Cambelt , tensioners , oil filter , air filter , oil , Spark Plugs/glow plugs – engine flush essential on second

hand engines.

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