“So if it ain’t Chilled cast , it ain’t good enough “

    STK use this process for mass production of their Camshaft Blanks and it is the only material for producing Performance Camshafts , it’s that good reliability wise that we manufacture most of our Standard Camshafts in this way too.

    What is Chilled Cast ? When the camshaft is cast in the foundry, the iron is poured and hardened off very quickly ( known as chilling ) this causes the material to form a matrix of carbide on the camshaft lobe , this material will cut glass and is exceedingly scuff-resistant.


    STK use this process for low quantity Camshaft production and generally costs more due to the additional work involved in producing this type of Camshaft.

    Machined Billet Camshaft means that the camshaft is turned from a round steel bar and is Nitride Hardened after grinding to ensure hardness and reliability of the Camshaft Lobes.


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