STK are Direct Importers of Quality Cylinder Heads and develop & source  products Globally which are suited to South African Market needs.

The STK range of Volkswagen New Cylinder Heads Starts with Direct Replacement units for the following :

STK  MP9 , 1600 / 1800 / 2000cc Cylinder Head suitable for  the CitiGolf Velociti , Citi R-Line & Polo A13 models. This Cylinder Head is suited to most Volkswagen Track & Motorsport vehicles used in South Africa and these hail from the Original Volkswagen Polo Cup Challenge  and is easily converted for Solid / Mechanical Lifter applications and has five Cam Caps with 40mm & 33mm Valve Inserts.

Street Performance Cylinder Heads – MP9
If you are looking for that extra power from your Cylinder Head STK offer a Brand New Gasflowed Cylinder Head which is fully flowed with angled seats & tapered guides for optimum flow, designed especially for vehicles running Standard Fuel Injection Manifold Systems.

X-Flow – If you are looking for something to use with Side Draughts or Individual Throttle Bodies consider the STK X-Flow Cylinder Head which is based on the Original German Cylinder Head. Unlike the Mexican OE Cylinder Head (Golf / Jetta 4, 1600 / 2000cc) there is far less airflow restriction around the guide area and has a 1mm larger port opening. With the removal of this restricted area a significant increase in airflow is obtained.

STK offer Cylinder Head packages which include Performance Camshafts  and Hi-rev Valve Spring sets , contact us for further information on Quality Kits at Affordable Prices !


Please Note : All STK New Cylinder Heads have a standard production CC and it is therefore the Clients responsibility to ensure that their engine compression ratio is measured and rectified by a Master Mechanic in order to obtain the maximum from the Performance Upgrade.

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