FAQ’s Performance Camshafts


STK 12 Month Warranty

Here’s a few regular FAQ’s we receive regarding Performance Camshafts , Lifts , Durations , hopefully these will assist you in deciding your First or next step regarding Camshaft fitment.

FAQ 1 – So…. What’s different about STK Performance Camshafts …. The same only  Better !

All Camshaft Manufacturers produce Performance Camshafts either by Chilled Casting or Machined Billets. At STK Performance we are no different , we only use the best and most durable materials for Performance Camshaft use. The main differences are the Durations ( Degree’s ) , lifts , Lobe Centres etc. We all have our own ideas around what we prefer for certain applications. That should not be misconstrued over quality or power ranges between the different manufacturers. STK Performance are the only Performance Camshafts in South Africa that offer a 12 Month Warranty !

FAQ 2 – Which STK Camshaft should i Select ?

First consider where the vehicle will be used and for which purpose. We all know the claims of 10-15KW with bigger camshaft durations etc. But have you ever considered where this power increase is achieved in the rev range ? Mostly at high , 6500-7500RPM with a massive torque loss at 2500-3500RPM. There is always a Trade Off when going too big with your camshaft choice. So choose your Camshaft wisely. If you use the vehicle everyday there is no use for the above scenario. In rush hour traffic twice daily will be seriously wasteful and painful to drive. But on the Track it’s completely different…….. For  Street Performance Camshafts It’s all about drivability and useable power !

“Don’t over-cam your engine , be conservative for the street and fit a milder camshaft “

FAQ 3 – Must i fit new Cam followers/Lifters with a new STK Camshaft ?

It is highly recommended to replace Hydraulic lifters with new ones when fitting a New Camshaft. It not only is a condition of the Warranty but the bedding process of any camshaft is of the utmost importance.

FAQ 4 – What if I don’t see what i’m looking for in the STK Online Store ?

You are more than welcome to make contact with us via email or phone to discuss your requirements. We do offer a Service for Custom Profiled Camshafts and can taylor-make to suite your needs in most cases.

FAQ 5 – What is a Rev-Kit ?

When using a high lift , high duration camshaft…. the factory valve springs are generally not strong enough. To handle the higher rpm as well as the additional valve spring travel associated with a performance camshaft. The side effects of using the incorrect valve spring type are catastrophic.The whole of the valve train including the camshaft lobes and generally the valve spring reaches coil bind way before peak lift. Standard Valve Springs are too weak to prevent valve float in most situations. Valve Spring Heights , Valve Spring Travel & Coil Bind clearances are crucial even when using standard factory valve springs. The uprated valve spring ensures that coil bind is avoided.This prevents valve float providing they are installed correctly and by a professional. This is not a DIY Product !

There is a misconception out there regarding the use of uprated Valve Springs or Rev Kits. Most believe when fitting them you can instantly rev to 9000rpm regardless of the camshaft size.This is a fantasy and all Rev Kits/ Valve Spring Kits should be selected based on Lift , Duration and RPM ranges.

FAQ 6 – What RPM should I rev to ?

Another FAQ’s misconception is that the higher we rev the more power we make ……. It’s all BS guys …… why rev to 7500rpm when your engines peak power is at 5800rpm ??? All that’s happening is damage to your engine. Removing the rev limiter allows you to rev higher but without a Camshaft that makes power up there and without the correct valve train components it’s all a waste of time and money….. Please be careful what you read and believe on Forums as there’s generally a reason why these guys hide behind fictitious names.

Their advice is generally worth as much as the paper it’s written on !!!

Contact STK directly or read above FAQ’s regarding Camshaft Sizes …

FAQ 7 – What does “S” & “H” mean to a Camshaft ?

The” H” is for Hydraulic Lifter. – Generally a straight forward fitment and Bolt-in. ( depending on lift & Duration )

The “S” is for Solid/Shim/Mechanical type buckets. – Clearances need to be set with the use of shims. In some cases the cylinder head needs to be removed in order to set these clearances.

Never fit an” S” cam to an “H” setup and vice versa …..

FAQ 8 – What is a Camshaft Blank / Billet Camshaft / Re-Profiled Camshaft ?

1. Billet Camshaft is turned from round bar and Nitride Hardened after Profiling.

2. Blank Camshaft is Cast using the Chilled Cast method , Hardening is not required after Profiling.

3. Re-Profiled Camshafts are generally a standard production camshaft. This is profiled to different duration. With this method the Camshafts base circle is reduced. In most cases valve lengths need to be altered to compensate for base circle diameter loss.


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