Dual Valve Spring KiT Vr6

Dual Valve Spring KiT Vr6

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VW VR6 12v High Rev Valve Spring KiT

In stock (can be backordered)


High Rev Competition Valve Spring KiT VR6 (AAA)

Will eliminate coil bind and valve float when installed correctly

Made from High Quality Chrome Silicone

Rated up to 9000rpm

Suitable up to 14mm of Cam Lift with 200 lbs of pressure

@ 34mm Seating Pressure = 91lbs

Retainers for 7mm stem ( 3 groove cotter type )

KIT includes : 12 x Inner Valve Spring / 12 x Outer Valve Spring / 12 x Upper Chromoly Retainers

This Product is not a straight forward replacement Kit ……. as with Competition Valve Springs , Correct Spring Heights & Travel are essential in avoiding coil bind



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